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Right To Work Is Wrong

Say No to ‘Right to Work’ in Ohio

The same reckless tea party organizations that nearly sent our country into financial default with their hostage-taking tactics in Congress are trying to blindside Ohio’s middle class by pushing a radical “right to work” amendment.

This amendment—backed by the same greedy CEOs who supported Senate Bill 5—would undermine the ability of employees and businesses to negotiate together over working conditions and hurt middle-class communities by not allowing teachers, firefighters, nurses and other everyday heroes to speak up against overcrowded schools, unsafe staffing levels and public service cuts.

Pledge that you will decline to sign this dangerous “right to work” petition, so we can keep it off the ballot in 2014.


So-Called “Right to Work” Laws Amount to “Right To Work FOR LESS!”

Across the nation and recently right here in Ohio with Senate Bill 5 (Issue 2 on November 2011 ballots), anti-labor forces have been attempting to install so-called “right-to-work” laws to further weaken working people everywhere.

Right-to-work laws make it optional for workers protected by a union contract to help pay for the expenses that the union incurs while guaranteeing the rights of all employees. But by limiting unions’ resources and weakening the ability of workers to have a say about their jobs, these laws drive down everyone’s wages, benefits and overall living standards.

Pro-business conservatives are pursuing an unprecedented assault on the rights of working families at both the national and state levels. They want to weaken the power of workers and their unions – but workers in states with these laws earn an average of $5,538 less a year than workers in other states. THAT IS A FACT.


Be educated and be proactive!


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right to work is wrong

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Right To Work IS WRONG!
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